Pecan Oil-Nature’s Gift to Health

The nutritional benefits of the pecan have long been known and pecan oil provides you with the opportunity to enjoy those benefits on a daily basis.

Achukma Pecan Oil is low in saturated fat, compared to many other cooking and salad oils. It is high in poly- and mono-unsaturated fats, which provide many benefits to many body systems. See the chart below to see a comparison breakdown of our oil compared to other published oil values:

 Type of Oil  SaturatedFat
Total %
Omega 9 Fat%
Omega 3&6 Fat%
Smoke Point
Achukma Pecan Oil 8.0% 42.8% 32.9% 470⁰F
Olive Oil 13.5% 73.7% 8.4% 320⁰F
Butter 66.0% 30.0% 4.0% 300⁰F
Corn Oil 12.7% 24.2% 58.7% 450⁰F
Peanut Oil 16.9% 46.2% 32.0% 450⁰F
Soybean Oil 14.4% 23.3% 57.9% 450⁰F
Canola Oil 7.1% 58.9% 29.6% 400⁰F
Grape Seed Oil 9.0% 76.0% 76.0% 485⁰F
Coconut Oil 92.0% 6.0% 2.0% 350⁰F

Achukma Pecan Oil is cold pressed and filtered to maintain the natural properties of the oil. No chemicals are used in the processing and temperature is continuously monitored to assure the oil is not degraded or damaged. The oil is then filtered to remove any solids that made their way through the pressing process. All processing is mechanical utilizing food grade equipment and materials.

The result is a high grade, high smoke point oil that is 100% natural. Achukma Pecan Oil will have a very moderate pecan flavor and aroma. Many of our customers tell us they have found it does an excellent job of bringing out the natural flavor of the foods they are using it with. Pecan oil is a great substitute for butter or any other cooking oil, but you may want to adjust your recipe, as we have found that pecan oil can be used at about half the required amount of other oils to achieve the same result.

Saturated fats are considered the ‘bad’ fats that tend to raise levels of LDL(bad) cholesterol, while mono- and poly-unsaturated fats are ‘good’ fats that help reduce LDL cholesterol. All the fatty acids, as well as omega-3’s, -6’s, and -9’s are important in a healthy diet. However, omega -3’s and -6’s are considered essential because our bodies cannot produce these and, therefore, they must be obtained from food or supplements. The body generally produces sufficient omega-9 (American Heart Association, 2011).

It is important that a diet has a balanced intake of the three types of fatty acids and we feel pecan oil provides an excellent proportionate balance of the three. Not only is pecan oil well balanced with fatty acids, it is also a great source of Vitamin E. The anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin E are a key component to alleviating and/or preventing degenerative diseases.


How do I use Achukma Pecan Oil? It might be easier to answer with the ways it should not be used, of which we can’t come up with any.

Our pecan oil is an excellent cooking oil for pan frying, sautéing, or any type of cooking where butter or oil is used. It is also great for baking, topping a salad, or making a meat rub. Our customers continue to find new and inventive ways to use this healthy oil.

Not only that, we now have many customers who use the oil as a skin conditioner to soften and moisturize. Some have even found that an application to a skin area before applying a topical ointment or medicine helps the medicine to penetrate better. If that’s not enough, check out our pecan oil based leather treatment products for treating saddles and tack.

Why is Achukma Pecan Oil more of a golden color than some other pecan oils? We do not put our oil through any refining process and, therefore, it maintains its natural color and components. Some other oils are de-winterized to remove waxes that cause the oil to turn cloudy when refrigerated. We are able to filter out enough of the waxes during our processing to keep the oil from turning cloudy. Some oils are also deodorized and this process removes many of the pigments that give the oil its natural color. This may help the shelf life, but does not really provide any other benefits to the oil.

How long will my Achukma Pecan Oil last on the shelf? As with any premium grade oil, the life of the oil is affected by heat, light, and oxygen. Each of these three factors will reduce the life of the oil before it will start becoming rancid, or have a bad odor. Our pecan oil should keep for 12-15 months on a shelf out of direct sunlight or about twice that long when kept in the refrigerator. The good news is, we think you will enjoy your Achukma Pecan Oil so much that shelf life will not be an issue, because you will use it up way before its time. And that’s no problem, we will make you more fresh oil to keep you supplied with the perfect cooking oil.