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100% Pure Virgin Pecan Oil

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Achukma Pecan Oil

Achukma Pecan Oil is 100% pure virgin oil pressed from native pecans locally from states Oklahoma and Texas.

Our oil is a naturally healthy, loaded with beneficial nutrients for the health-conscious individual. Low saturated fat and balanced mono- and poly-unsaturated fats make for an extremely heart healthy blend. The fats are excellent sources of Omega-3’s and 6’s, and the oil also contains Vitamin E and zinc.

Though the oil is fairly neutral in flavor, it brings out the flavor of various cooking, baking and salad ingredients. With a smoke point of 470 degrees it works very well in all medium to high temperature cooking and sautéing.

We hope that you enjoy the use and benefits of Achukma Oils as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Great for holiday cooking, a naturally healthy cooking oil, it is wonderful for using for a wide variety of recipes. Our oils are a healthier alternative to other cooking oils on the market.

Pure Pecan Oil

Achukma Pecan Oil is pure pecan oil, and comes in a variety of sizes.

Health Benefits

Pecan oils have long been known to provide a wealth of nutritional benefits, providing a great tasting cooking oil for a variety of recipes and foods.

Achukma 100% Virgin Oils are low in saturated fat, compared to many other cooking and salad oils. It is high in poly- and mono-unsaturated fats, which provide many benefits to many body systems. See the chart below to see a comparison breakdown of our oil compared to other published oil values.


Health Benefits

Read our online information about the healthy benefits, as well, there are some great online resources, such as WikiPedia, Native America,

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You can find our Native American Specialty Products in locations throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Our products come in a variety of sizes, from 150ml to 500 ml.

And, you can always conveniently order any of our products online through our website at

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Native American Specialty Products

The Name ‘Achukma’

The name:  Achukma(ah-CHUK-mah)- common word among many Native American tribes to describe purity, goodness, healthiness, and beauty.
Our goal is for all of our products to meet the Achukma definition.

The Dream Catcher Logo


The dream catcher is a traditional Native American charm that was originally originally a symbol of protection for infant children in their crib.  The dream catcher is normally made from a willow hoop with webbing shaped much like a spider web and feathers.

The idea is that the web catches all bad things and only allows good things to pass through the center of the web and pass down through the feathers to the person it protects.

Our mission is to be the dream catcher for our customers, vetting all ingredients and products to assure we are protecting our customers from the things that are bad for them and passing on only good things for them to eat.

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