pecan oil oklahomaNative American Specialty Products, makers of Achukma brand products, is dedicated to bringing a healthy line of food products to consumers across the globe. The very meaning of Achukma, a word from the Choctaw language, identifies many of the attributes we strive to maintain in our products. It is a word of many meanings, including good, pure, and delicious.

Though the company may be new to the health food industry, the story of Achukma brand products starts nearly a century-and-a-half ago when the Hamilton family first moved into Indian Territory(Oklahoma). A long line of ranchers, farmers, dairymen, and businessmen in the Hamilton family have spent decades providing various foods to consumers.

Dan Hamilton, founder of Native American Specialty Products; after spending several years in the airplane industry as a design engineer; came back to his roots in Southern Oklahoma and, in 1981, started a business to provide feed products for livestock, as well as operating two peanut buying businesses. In 1999, the family business added pecan cleaning and marketing to its diverse operations. Continually looking for ways to benefit the growers of products and those that consume them, Native American Specialty Products was born in early 2013 as a means of developing ways for the consumer to have more opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the native pecan. Pecan oil is the first of many products that we will be bringing to the consumer, with several other healthy products being considered and developed.

Tpecan oil pecanshe business is truly a family business, with many family members and several others that are just like family working in the business. Dan’s wife, Sonja, as well as sons, Mark and Paul, have been involved in the business since day one. Along the way, sons, daughters, grandchildren, and other family members have worked in the business. Mark’s wife, Lori, also works in the production of the pecan oil. Jan Walters, office manager, has worked in the business for thirty years and is one of many longtime members of the Hamilton business team who are just like family. Family cousin, Russell Washington, is the manager of marketing for Achukma brand products.

From our family to yours, we wish you the best of health and look forward to serving you with products from our little corner of the world to all corners of the world.