pecan oil

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    Achukma Pecan Oil

    100% Pure Virgin Pecan Oil
    • 100% Pure Virgin Cold-Pressed and Filtered Pecan Oil made in USA
    • Exellent for use in sautéing, frying, braising, and in marinades.
    • Unrefined oil maintains the most natural nutirents of the pecan.
    • Heart healthy cooking oil with a high 470 deg smoke point.
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    Pecan oil is a healthy alternative to other cooking oils and is becoming one of the premier cooking oils available. Our oil is pressed from native pecans from Oklahoma and Texas right here at our own facility in southern Oklahoma. No chemicals or high heat are used in the processing. Our goal is to deliver to our customer the most natural and healthy product possible.
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    Our pecan oil is a premium grade oil with many applications. It is excellent for all types of medium to high heat cooking, especially for sautéing, pan frying, braising, or even deep frying. It is also a healthy substitute for butter or other oils in baking. Top your salad or even marinade with it.


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